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Dr Guy Morrow


Dr Guy Morrow

Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Lecturer, Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

"At Macquarie students get the opportunity to gain experience in seeking employment. Skills of networking, searching for a job, researching employment opportunities are actually key learning outcomes of our units."

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Learning and Teaching at Macquarie

The Faculty of Arts is distinguished by its student-centred and research-inspired approaches to learning and teaching. Staff strive to create learning environments in which students are given access to frontier research, and to engage in research themselves. Those activities assist students in the development of the skills and abilities that are needed to identify and solve problems, locate and analyse information and to engage in local and global communities.

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Why study at Faculty of Arts

Ranked among the top 100 Arts and Humanities programs in the world, the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie is a place for you to discover and tailor your studies to suit your interest and career goals.

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