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Dr Natalie Klein


Dr Natalie Klein

Macquarie Law School

Dean of Macquarie Law School

"I think that one of the greatest strengths of the law degree is that you're going out there and you have this perspective on how society operates and you can use that knowledge in a really positive way."

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Macquarie Law School

Macquarie Law School delivers a high-quality educational experience that provides graduates opportunities to excel as ethical, proactive and innovative professionals.

Macquarie graduates understand how the Australian legal system works in a globalised world. You learn about social, political, historical, cultural and economic factors that have influenced the law's development, and how the law is likely to change in the future.

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Courses in Law

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Why study at Macquarie Law School

  1. Our interdisciplinary approach to legal education provides you with a critical understanding of the law, its development and future directions.
  2. Our law degree can be taken on its own or combined with several disciplines including finance, media, IT, commerce or psychology, to give you more varied career choices.
  3. Our graduates are employed in leading legal firms as well as in government, advocacy, public interest organisations, foreign service, and corporate settings.

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