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Sharon Kerr


Sharon Kerr

Master of Indigenous Education

Sharon Kerr photo by Effy Alexakis In her graduation speech, Sharon sets out a promise to use education to make a difference. She said, "We will use this education to enrich not only our own lives but the lives of those around us. As graduates of Macquarie University, we will use our new values and abilities to find creative solutions and ensure that the underserved in our community are included."

"The course changed my life and made me a much more effective practitioner. I have developed good friends and colleagues who share a heart for equity and a passion for justice. As a result of this course I will always be committed to cultural safety in both the workplace and learning environment."

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About the Master of Indigenous Education

Provide a better future for Indigenous children with a Master of Indigenous Education. This masters degree will give educators and policy advisers an in-depth understanding of the historical, contemporary and global issues faced by Indigenous Australia. Macquarie is the only university to offer such a degree in Australia.

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