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Hon Rob Stokes MP


Hon Rob Stokes MP

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, PhD (Law)

The Hon Rob Stokes MP "Macquarie Law School has earned a reputation as one of the leading university law schools in Australia. Over the past 30 years, Macquarie Law has developed a unique brand of legal education that examines law in its wider context. I loved my time at Macquarie and strongly recommend that you consider Macquarie Law as your first choice in legal education."

About the Master of Laws

The Master of Laws will enhance your understanding of law in a broad and interdisciplinary context. It caters to diverse interests by allowing specialisation in one of the following areas: corporate and commercial law, environmental law, international law, media and technology law, and social justice.

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3 reasons to choose Law at Macquarie

  1. Our interdisciplinary approach to legal education provides you with a critical understanding of the law, its development and future directions.
  2. Our law degree can be taken on its own or combined with several disciplines including finance, media, IT, commerce or psychology, to give you more varied career choices.
  3. Our graduates are employed in leading legal firms as well as in government, advocacy, public interest organisations, foreign service, and corporate settings.

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