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Katherine Wilson


Katherine Wilson

Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

International Student (U.S.A.)

With seven years of experience as a political-military intelligence analyst under her belt, U.S-born Katherine Wilson found herself in a new foreign territory in 2010 – Sydney, Australia.

With her partner's job bringing them to the University, Katherine embraced life in Australia and is now combining a research administration position with postgraduate study at Macquarie.

Katherine Wilson "The Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism (PICT) helps keep me engaged in the intelligence field," Katherine says. "It also expands my knowledge base into policing and counter-terrorism and helps me orient toward Australian national-strategic priorities."

"I've been able to build my knowledge of the dynamics and issues in the Asia-Pacific, particularly the tension between Australia's alliance with the U.S and its increasing economic relationship with China. In combination with my analytic skills, this will help increase my competitiveness for job opportunities in Sydney."

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About the Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

Gain the knowledge to overcome the threat of terrorism nationally and worldwide with the Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. This degree covers a wide range of policing, intelligence and counter terrorism issues in international and national contexts, including intelligence analysis techniques and organised crime.

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