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Nadeem Irshad


Nadeem Irshad

Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

Nadeem Irshad"I chose to study this degree at Macquarie because of its diversified and multidisciplinary academic linkages within the security field, and because it allowed me to study the subjects of my own choosing and interest rather than having to study any particular set units. It has given me strategic insight into the various aspects of security at policy level and an understanding of how the different fields are linked to achieve overall security. I particularly enjoyed the encouragement of liberal thought and the research work, but more importantly, being an international class, it taught me to understand other perspectives."

Nadeem is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Pakistan Army, working in higher level operational planning.

About the Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

Gain the knowledge to overcome the threat of terrorism nationally and worldwide with the Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. This degree covers a wide range of policing, intelligence and counter terrorism issues in international and national contexts, including intelligence analysis techniques and organised crime.

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