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Guy Dwyer


Guy Dwyer

Bachelor of Science with Bachelor of Laws

"[At] Macquarie University I was equipped not only with extensive and deep knowledge of the disciplines of geography and law, but also an ability to apply that knowledge in practical situations. In particular, by studying law in an interdisciplinary fashion, I feel capable of assisting people with questions about what the law is and how it can be reformed so as to deliver more effective and just outcomes for stakeholders."

"I have been able, as a result of my studies at Macquarie University, to secure what are widely regarded as prestigious graduate roles: first, working for a Judge as a tipstaff or legal researcher and secondly, working as a graduate lawyer with a top-tier law firm. These outcomes simply would not have been achieved without the education I received from the exceptional faculty members of the Department of Environment and Geography, and Macquarie Law School."

About the Bachelor of Science with Bachelor of Laws

Combining your science degree with law will allow you to expand your career options. You will have the flexibility to specialise in a particular area of science in one of the science majors listed below, while expanding your knowledge of legal principles, including environmental law, intellectual property law and international law.

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3 reasons to choose Law at Macquarie

  1. Our interdisciplinary approach to legal education provides you with a critical understanding of the law, its development and future directions.
  2. Our law degree can be taken on its own or combined with several disciplines including finance, media, IT, commerce or psychology, to give you more varied career choices.
  3. Our graduates are employed in leading legal firms as well as in government, advocacy, public interest organisations, foreign service, and corporate settings.

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