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Irene Choe


Irene Choe

Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing with the degree of Bachelor of Laws

International Student (Republic of Korea)

Irene Choe "I think my degree will be of great help in my chosen career because of its highly practical teaching styles. For example, for the law units (assessments and exams), I was given various case scenarios where I would have to advise the client of possible actions using the materials covered in the units. These practices, I think will be highly relevant to what I'll be doing as a legal practitioner."

"My experience at Macquarie has been great. I love how courses are well organised to assist the student's learning as well as the ongoing enthusiasm of the teaching staff in providing quality lessons."

About the Bachelor of Commerce with the degree of Bachelor of Laws

In this degree you will combine your law studies with core units in accounting, finance, management and marketing, and then complete a major to develop depth in your chosen commerce discipline. Together they will give you a thorough legal and commercial understanding of business and trade, and make you an evidence-driven, work-ready business professional.

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3 reasons to choose Law at Macquarie

  1. Our interdisciplinary approach to legal education provides you with a critical understanding of the law, its development and future directions.
  2. Our law degree can be taken on its own or combined with several disciplines including finance, media, IT, commerce or psychology, to give you more varied career choices.
  3. Our graduates are employed in leading legal firms as well as in government, advocacy, public interest organisations, foreign service, and corporate settings.

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