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Nicola O’Brien


Nicola O’Brien

Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws student Nicola O'Brien spent a semester at Carleton University, Ottawa on a Macquarie exchange.

Nicole O'Brien "My Macquarie exchange to Carleton University in Canada began with trepidation and fear. Would I make friends? Will I be homesick? Would my life be dramatically different when I returned? However, as the saying goes, the biggest risks come with the biggest rewards, and I can say that the risk of exchange gave me the biggest rewards."

"In Ottawa I studied international human rights, international organisations, law in the information society and crime; and law, process and politics. Not only will these studies on exchange help me in my future career, I now have a goal to study a Masters of Law, focusing on sports law, at the University of Toronto, Canada, with the aim of working in a law firm in Canada."

"The experience changed me. I've become more aware that everyone has a story and to be more empathetic. The experience has also opened my eyes to more travel and to learning."

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About the Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws

This double degree offers the opportunity to combine your interests in arts, humanities and social sciences with your study of law, giving you more varied career options. The Bachelor of Arts provides you with the greatest flexibility and access to over 50 majors to complement your law degree.

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