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Leisa Dias


Leisa Dias

Bachelor of Arts – Media

How do you tell the story of a TV show in 30 seconds? Media graduate Leisa Dias has made a career out of doing that - producing trailers and sneak peek promos of TV shows and movies. As a TV Promo Producer, she shoots footages, writes scripts and edits clips for several ads for different shows every day. Not only has she built a significant portfolio and credibility in the film and television industry, she is living her dream.

Leisa has always loved the art of storytelling and enrolled at Macquarie University's Bachelor of Arts - Media to help her turn that passion into a career.

Leisa Dias

"I chose Macquarie because it has one of the best media degrees available with a focus on practical filmmaking subjects. Macquarie allowed me to discover which areas of film production interested me most, giving me a clearer idea of the types of roles I wanted to pursue as a career. Studying at Macquarie also honed my writing skills across a number of genres, which is an invaluable skill to have as a media professional."

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About the Bachelor of Arts – Media

Learn how to thrive in a rapidly-evolving media environment with the Bachelor of Arts – Media. This media studies degree combines theory with practical production techniques. You can study: screen production, non-fiction writing, interactive web production, radio production, public relations and more.

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Why study at Faculty of Arts

Ranked among the top 100 Arts and Humanities programs in the world, the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie is a place for you to discover and tailor your studies to suit your interest and career goals.

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