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Funding and Grants Information

HDR candidates in the Faculty of Arts may apply for funding within three schemes:

  1. HDR Research Project Funding (RPF) RPF is funded and administered by Departments.
    Click here for RPF Scheme information. 
  2. Faculty of Arts HDR Candidate Conference Travel Scheme (FACCTS)
    FACCTS is funded by the Faculty, and administered by Arts HDR Office. Bookings and financial transactions are administered by Departments. Click here for FACCT Scheme information. 
  3. Post-Graduate Research Fund (PGRF)  PGRF is funded by the University, and administered by Arts HDR Office.  Bookings and financial transactions are administered by Departments. Click here for PGRF information.

Delineation of Departmental and Faculty sources of funding

Funding schemes are not intended to cover the actual cost of a research activity in full. Rather, they provide a monetary contribution towards an approved research related activity. Candidates must consult their Departments before commencing any funding application. It is at the discretion of the Department, Faculty and/or University to determine how much of a project will be funded.

The Research Project Funding (RPF) is available for the following activities:

  • field trips, surveys, data collection or interviews;
  • access to specialist archive collections;
  • Department sanctioned production costs.

The Department/Faculty will not normally fund the following:

  • Per diem travel expenses
  • Airline cancellation fees
  • Costs associated with home internet connections
  • Research assistance
  • Laptop/tablet purchases
  • Equipment, spaces or services readily available from the Department or the University for use or loan (e.g. production equipment, studio spaces, editing programs, editing labs, etc.)
  • Alcohol consumption in any context
  • Text books

Limits on Timing of Travel within Candidature

In keeping with current Faculty and University guidelines regarding confirmation and submission, funding will not normally be provided for travel to PhD or MPhil candidates within the first six months of candidature or within the final six months of candidature. Funding support will only be available to in-time candidates. Funding for MRes candidates is available in Year 2 of the program. Travel for MRes candidates is undertaken only in special circumstances as determined by each Department. MRes candidates are not eligible for the FACCTS. 

Retrospective Claims

Retrospective claims are not allowed in any circumstance, and candidates should not pay or commit to payments/travel arrangements without an approval confirmation from the Department or Faculty.

Travel Policy

All travel must comply with the University Travel Policy