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Partnering with Arts

The Faculty of Arts is focussed on developing genuinely collaborative research relationships with Australian and international businesses, governments, and organisations across the full breadth of the Faculty's departments, schools, disciplines, and research centres.

The diversity and depth of our research interests enables research themes to be effectively addressed with broad cross-disciplinary approaches which bring together some of Australia's foremost researchers in their areas of research expertise.

Macquarie ranks in the top five universities nationally on measures of individual academic quality, and our researchers are extremely productive producing books, chapters, and articles at nearly double the rate of the national average over the last few years.

We welcome the opportunity to develop concepts for academic research with reference to the critical knowledge gaps facing our partners, and in response to issues and demands in the social, economic, regulatory and policy environments.

Please also see our Business and Community page for details on some of our current and planned projects and programs.  For more information on current research opportunities, or to discuss your research agenda and explore how we can help with your research needs, please contact the Faculty of Arts Research team or the Research Partnerships Manager:

Carly Evans
Research Partnerships Manager

Office: C5C 315
Phone: +61 2 9850 4057

Carly Evans Carly is responsible for research partnerships within the Faculty of Arts. She connects industry, government, NGO's and the wider community with Macquarie expertise through collaborative research and commercial relationships. Carly engages with our partners to identify major challenges, and works collaboratively to develop strategies and teams to tackle those challenges - our research expertise, capabilities and world-class facilities enable Faculty of Arts researchers at Macquarie to contribute to current debate, inform best practice and deliver high-quality research with impact.

Contact Carly to learn more about what the Faculty of Arts can offer you – our research capabilities, potential funding options for research projects, and ways to work and partner with Macquarie.