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Why Faculty of Arts

Why choose to study at Macquarie's Faculty of Arts?

Ranked among the top 100 Arts and Humanities programs in the world, the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie is a place for you to discover and tailor your studies to suit your interest and career goals.

Our students are encouraged to work across disciplinary boundaries and explore new areas of professional development or personal passion.

By choosing to study a degree in arts at Macquarie you will have access to a range of new programs, experiences and facilities designed to make you ready for the future.


Macquarie is renowned for its flexible approach and our Bachelor of Arts is the perfect example. With  over 40 majors, it's a degree designed by you! The flexibility means you can explore ideas across disciplines, allowing you to find topics that you are passionate about and which challenge you.

An interdisciplinary approach

Macquarie pioneered interdisciplinary study - an approach which teaches you to think more broadly, to tackle the big questions in life and the things that really matter to society. With our flexible degree structure you will be able to discover and work across areas to broaden your knowledge.

Though you might not yet know exactly what you want to do with your life, and you'll probably change jobs throughout your career, this approach to learning - being able to think on your feet across problems - will definitely give you an edge.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We have the best space and equipment for media studies of any Australian university

Real-world learning

Arts education is about far more than classroom learning; it's about real-world learning.

  • A key component of Macquarie's unique learning environment is our Participation and Community Engagement, a program which facilitates opportunities for you to apply your 'textbook knowledge' in real-life organisations and environments.
  • We have the most generous international student exchange program in Australia
  • We are the only Australian university with a licence to dig in Egypt's Nile Valley

Renowned Teachers

  • You will learn from experienced and award-winning (AFIs, Ned Kelly Crime Writers', ARIAs, ATOMs) media and creative arts professionals and academics.
  • Our history and archaeology research is above world standard, having received a rating of 4 out of 5 in the Australian Government's 20111 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative.
  • Our teaching staff are recognised and awarded by the Macquarie University Learning and Teaching Awards and national teaching awards.